Tournament Results and Photos

Here are the results of our Second Annual Chuck Markulis Memorial Tournament. This year’s Memorial Honoree is Dave Piona. The Markulis family would like to thank the 91 players who entered the event, Hustlin USA’s President and CEO Tony Hargain and Pete Tonkin of Tonkin Cues for their support. A thank you to our  Tournament Directors Tom Suarez and Ken Schuman, Asst. Tournament Director Janet Okamoto for doing a great job running the event. Hard Times Billiards would also like to thank Joe Gonzalez, owner of the soon to be opened Break Time Billiards for adding additional prize money to the event. Look for Break Time Billiards in Modesto CA. and its Soft Opening in the middle of September with the Grand Opening soon to follow! Last but not least our Staff and the great fans of the sport for their attendance! Kudos to All!

Second Annual Chuck Markulis Memorial Tournament 2009

  1. Rafael Martinez                         $ 2000.00 + Hammerhead Cue
  2. Santos Sambajon Jr                      1350.00
  3. Jose Parica                                     500.00
  4. Jeff Gregory                                    400.00
  5. Greg Balliet                                     300.00
  6. Ernesto Dominguez                          300.00
  7. George Michaels                            250.00
  8. “Lil” Al Romero                              250.00
  9. Mike Mitchell                                 200.00
  10. Jaynard Orque                                  200.00
  11. Deo Alpajora                                      200.00
  12. Austin Murphy                                  200.00
  13. John Henderson                                150.00
  14. Sy Nakashima                                150.00
  15. Rex Chan                                        150.00
  16. Robert Aldana                                 150.00
  17. Jimi Johnson                                       100.00
  18. Chris Macdonald                                100.00
  19. Duane Grimes                                      100.00
  20. Greg Harada                                          100.00
  21. Fach Garcia                                           100.00
  22. Ismael “Morro” Paez                          100.00
  23. Chong Vang                                           100.00
  24. Greg Furuta                                           100.00

Here is a link to Bob Beaulieu’s site. Bob has been taking pictures of our tournaments. Enjoy!

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