7th Annual Chuck Markulis Memorial Rules

Do to abuse of mandatory warnings, there will be no warnings given for some fouls that previously had warnings. A loss of current game means just that, if your opponent is on the hill, you have just lost your match. While the penalties are severe, the rules are quite simple. There will be no exceptions.
• If you walk away from the table when it is your opponents turn, other than to get a referee or TD, it is automatically ball in hand for your opponent, second time is loss of current game. Your opponent can not give you permission to violate this rule.
• You may not engage in any form of communication with anybody(including tournament staff) while your opponent is down on the shot. First offense ball in hand, second is loss of current game.
General Rules
• Cell Phones are not allowed at the table.
• When your opponent is at the table, you must remain quiet and seated in one of the two chairs at the foot of the table.
• No magic racks.
• No pattern Racking.***
• No soft breaks.***
• Jump cues allowed for 9 ball, but not One Pocket.
• It is solely your responsibility to be in a position to know when your match has been called. Once called, you have 10 minutes to be at your table, ready to begin.
• If you would like to have a hit watched, tell your opponent and then approach a referee or TD, do not yell out across the room.
• We play by “Cue ball fouls only” rules, which actually means it is a foul if you:
o Move the cue ball accidentally.
o Move more than one ball.
o Interfere with a moving ball.
o Move an accidentally moved ball beck to its original position, before asking your opponent.
o Move a ball so that it affects the outcome of the shot.
• Vaporizer usage is not allowed in tournaments areas.
• You get one 5 minute break per match. It must be taken on your turn. You may leave the table if your opponent takes a break, but you must return before them or you it counts as your break. In that case you have five minutes from when you leave.
• Unscrewing your playing cue while your opponent is on the hill is considered forfeiting.
• Please do not change the score to show anything other than the true score. This includes changing the score when hill/hill to 0/0.
***The TD will be the sole judge of whether a player is intentionally Pattern Racking or Soft Breaking. The first offense is a loss of game, the second is loss of match, the third will result in ejection from the tournament.
• Score sheets will be given for every match. They must be completed and returned by the winner within 5 minutes after the match ends.
• Unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated. Engaging in any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in penalties, up to and including ejection from tournament with all prize money and entry fees forfeited.

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