Tournament Rules and Regulations

Here you will find information regarding rules and regulations, as well as player responsibilities, for the upcoming Markulis Memorial.

We will be using the BCA rules with these additions or modifications:

(Some items listed are neither additions nor modification. They are a reminder.)

  • Cell phones are not allowed at the table.
  • You may not practice before a match while your opponent is waiting at the table, nor can your opponent give you permission to do so. First violation will result in a warning being issued, the second violation will result in your  opponent being awarded the break.**
  • The Nine ball does not count in the two corners at the foot of the table. If made in one of those two pockets, it spots and breaker continues their inning with the option to push out the first shot.
  • You have one five-minute break per match. You must take it only on your turn. For more information, see section 1-11 of the BCA rulebook. This is strictly enforced!
  • No soft breaks allowed during the Nine Ball event.
  • No Pattern Racking allowed.    **
  • Lag for break-No coin flips allowed.
  • No concessions; penalty is one game.
  • There are score sheets for every match. It is the winner’s responsibility to turn it in within 10 minutes. Failure to do so can result in a forfeit of the match won.
  • “Cue Ball fouls” only. For more information, refer to Section 1-33 of the BCA rules as well as the applied rulings (Section 10 AR 1-33 and 1-40 on page 85.)
  • Jump cues are allowed for Nine Ball event, but not for the One Pocket event. In either case you may jump with your normal playing cue.
  • You have ten minutes to be at your table ready to play once your match is called
  • Non shooting player in chair at the foot of the table. **
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated. Please treat all players, staff, other customers and equipment with respect.

** All these infractions are cumulative for the entire event. They can all be penalized as unsportsmanlike conduct and as such the warning may be skipped if the situation warrants.

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